What's a Pocket Office?

It’s like having your office team in the next room, ready for their next task, 24 hours a day.
You have a task or a project that needs to be done and we have a team ready to do it! It’s as easy as picking up your phone and getting in touch.

Wouldn't it be great if you could gain the skills of a whole team and only pay for one employee? Dreams really do come true! You'll work closely with your Pocket Office Manager who then works with the WK team to complete your projects. So what do you do with all of your spare time? Well...whatever you want! More freedom with less expense? Yes, please!


Your office might close at 5pm, but with Headquarters in both Toronto, Canada and Dubai, UAE one (or both) of our teams are always ready to get to work on your projects. You're a night owl and need to have a brain storming meeting, let's talk. Website crash at 2am? Don't worry, we'll handle it. We're real people who really care about you and your business.


The choice is yours! We seriously think of everything from YOUR perspective. Want to test us out? Grab yourself an hour of assistance! Looking to see how far 20 hours will get you? We're ready! If one of our packages is right up your alley, go for it! When we say we're all about our clients, we mean it.

Life with Pocket Office

About WK.

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We’re here to take any task off of your plate so you can focus on your bottom line. Simple as that. Behind every great business there’s administration, graphic design, website work, and digital marketing. You were made to be the best at what you do, all of this other stuff needs to get done, but there are only so many hours in the day!

You don’t need to hire a full time employee any more, we have everything we need to get the job done without ever even being in the same room! Best part is, you don’t have to pay for a full time employee, breaks, vacation time and health benefits. You don’t even have to pay for equipment and repairs. WK works under a Pay as you Go concept or you can choose from one of our Packages.

If you need work you fill up the tank, when you don’t there’s no need to feel obliged!

We're All About You.

It won’t take you long to get used to having a dedicated team at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that’s exactly why we do what we do!

Life’s complicated enough and we’re trying to make yours a little easier in the best way we know how. That’s why we take the tasks off your plate so you can focus on your bottom line.


Our Pay as You Go option gives everyone the chance to get top notch assistance! Just tell us how many hours you'd like to start with and tell us what needs to get done!


If you'd prefer a monthly package we can take over your Digital Media Management, Blog Writing, Marketing Material and add some admin hours in there for you too! For more details request a WK Welcome Package!

Our Mission.

Watkins Keys started taking on clients in 2011 and our happy client list has been steadily growing ever since.

“I started this company in 2007 because business’ deserved easy access to an office team without the office and expense! We really strive to relieve business professionals in the simplest way possible and I think we’re doing an amazing job!”  – Sasha Watkins

A virtual assistant can be limited by the types of tasks they can deliver and lengthy turn over rates, depending on the amount of clients they have on their roster.

With The Pocket Office Administration, Graphics Design, Website Development and Digital Management is literally at your fingertips. WK has two teams, one in Toronto and the other in Dubai, both dedicated and ready to take on your projects day or night, every single day of the year.

With offices on both sides of the world we have a staff full of energy available to you 24 hours a day!

We do what you tell us to and we keep track of it all within a TimeTracker App! You'll know, down to the second just how long every piece of your project took! Transparency is one of our keys to success.

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How We Work.

The Best Services.

We’re ready for any task you want to throw our way! If you don’t see it on our list of services, just give us a shout and we’ll see if we can give you exactly what you need. We work with a wide range of industries and treat each and every client with the same focus, drive and enthusiasm as if it were out very first project.

If you’re ready to talk about how you can get started give us a shout!

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What WK Clients are Saying.

I am SO grateful to have this fabulous woman on my Dream Team ☆
She revamped my brand that I just LOVE, designed my awesome new website and created my biz cards that just ROCK ♡ Sasha are SUCH a breath of fresh air & a wealth of knowledge ☆

Elvira V. Hopper
Life Coach

Thanks for your tireless work (at some pretty unGodly hours)!

Rob Warren
Co-Founder Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts

I cannot say enough good things about Sasha. She is absolutely amazing! I hired her just to help with small tasks and to get caught up on things but I can honestly say I am addicted and I don't think I can go on with life without her!
She genuinely cares about my real estate business. I feel that she is really on my team.
She has so many ideas and thoughts on things that I never would have thought of ever! It almost makes me feel like I was not doing a good job before! I cannot wait to see the results start rolling in from her help.
She really makes you feel like her only client.
Thank you so much!

Jessica Yates


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