11 March - 2018
What’s with the New Logo? By: WK, 0 Comments

Our client base has grown steadily through the years and…well…how should I put this? We kind of outgrew the way we did things around here and we needed a new logo to match those improvements!

What’s Changed?

Here at WK we’ve always taken on more tasks than the “virtual assistant” title would lead you to believe, from website design to social media marketing, admin has never been the only thing we provide. We needed a way to show exactly what we provide, an entire office worth of services, right at your fingertips…and that’s when Pocket Office came to life.

What’s Stayed the Same?

The logo represents one of the things WK will never change, the fact that we’re REAL people. As much as we’re using technology to get the job done, share ideas and connect with our clients, we’re never going to loose our human aspect. Ask our clients, we really become a part of your team with one objective in mind…help your business goals become reality.

What’s with the “We” Stuff?

Well, it’s not just the logo that’s changed, if you made it this far you’re already on our updated website (we’ll get more into that in another post) and that’s just a small part of what we’ve been up to. We now have offices here in Toronto and also in Dubai! We’ve added a team of dedicated employees to help accomplish more goals quickly and efficiently, day or night. Founder Sasha Watkins hasn’t gone anywhere either, she’ll be working directly with every client as our Chief Executive Assistant.

One of the things we’ve always stressed is being able to make things easy and affordable for our clients and we’re so excited that we’re able to offer a 24 hour office team at the same rate as a single employee!

What’s to Come?

We have so many exciting things up our sleeves for our clients in the upcoming months, so stay tuned and get ready to have a great time getting these tasks off your plate!